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阿尔弗诺学院温室是一个活生生的实验室, 包括教室空间和最先进的水培设备,可持续地种植植物, vegetables and perch. The 1,400平方英尺的温室为学生提供了一个令人兴奋的机会,从事动手学习, participate in research projects, and explore new career paths in food, urban agriculture, 水研究、保护和人类服务行业. 来自不同学科的学生都可以亲身体验温室, exploring how science, education, art and more are uniquely intertwined.

Greenhouse offers opportunities for many

Greenhouse in the News

自2021年9月温室开放供校园使用以来, 它已经成为阿尔弗诺学生和教师学习和发现的中心, as well as K-12 students and community members. Read more in this vnsr威尼斯城官网登入 Magazine story about how this treasure is making an impact.

Meet the Greenhouse Crew

Project funding and partners

Want to use the greenhouse?

If you would like to use the greenhouse, 或者想要专门为班级种植植物, please send an email to either or to Rebekah Klingler.

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